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Q: How many total college national championships has Iowa won all sports men's and women's?
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Which college has the most total national championships in all sports mens and womens?


What three colleges have won national championships in men and womens bastketball?

standford Uclla north carloina

How many national championships does usc have overall?

The Mens have 91 National Titles and the Womens have 23. Together they have 114 national titles

What are guys favorite girl sports to watch?

WNFL(womens national football league).

What college sports program has won the most championships?

UCLA with 100 official NCAA Championships. I suspect they also lead with total national championships in sports like men's rugby and volleyball, and women's basketball before those sports offered official NCAA championships, but I'd like to know the total number. USC, when their favorite athletes aren't commiting double murders (not an official NCAA sport, but they're working on it), claims 107. My guess is UCLA has 115 or so at least.

What was the first college to have both its men's and womens's basketball teams in the final four?

UCONN did it in 2004. They both won National Championships as well and were obviously the first to do that too. 1983 U of Georgia's men and women were the first to do it.

Including all divisions what state has the most men and womens college sports titles?

i think it is ucla with 100

How many national championships does clemson football teams have?

one... 1981

Has any connnecticut sports team won something big?

The UConn Womens basketball team went undefeated 3 years in a row winning the NCAA Championships 4 times.

Is Lemoyne college division one?

They are Division I in only Mens' baseball and Womens' Lacrosse. All other sports are Division II. They are considering going to Division I for all sports.

What is US womens national team?

there are national teams for many sports, but one of the most common women's national teams in the US is the soccer team. they just qualified for the world cup in 2011 which starts june. 26

When was Ad-din Womens Medical College created?

Ad-din Womens Medical College was created in 1985.