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The torch relay has now finished - since the games have already started. There were 8,000 individuals carrying the torch in relay, over a distance of 8,000 miles.

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Q: How many torchbearers will carry the olympic flame on its journey around the uk?
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What is the torch relay?

Well, first of all the Olympics are an international sporting event that has been around since 776 BC! The Olympic flame is lit by reflecting the rays of the sun off a parabolic mirror onto a torch a few weeks before each Games. It's been all over the world and really is one of the best things that unites the world as it symbolizes the Olympics and represents peace, unity, friendship, and brotherhood. The torch relay is where people, also known as torchbearers, carry the Olympic flame by torch through the country that is hosting the Olympics. The flame travels from Greece to the host country, then travels around the country ending its journey when the Olympic cauldron is lit during the opening ceremony, and it stays lit until the closing ceremony. hope that helped :) anymore questipon just let me know :)

Which official event takes place before the Olympic games begin?

The torch carry around to the different locations that the past olympic games were held. Also there is the opening ceremony.

Why did they carry the olympic torch?

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How many people carries the olympic torch?

8000 people carry the olympic torch.

Do the people who carry the olympic torch get to keep them after their run?

Yes, if they pay around $300. They also disable the torch from ever being lit again.

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What is the thing that you carry in the Olympics with fire on it?

The Olympic Torch

How is the Olympic torch transportd to each Olympic games?

Lots of different people carry it from some some were and take it to the games

What happens to the Olympic torch in the night time?

they carry on in the night.

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Why do you carry the Olympic flame?

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Who was the first person to carry the olympic torch?

It was Sir David Beckham

Who will carry the Olympic torch for the London Olympics 2012?

David Beckham

How far does each olympic runner carry the torch?

300 metres

How many people will carry the olympic torch across the UK?


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Why do they still carry the Olympic Flame from Mt Olympus?

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