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Q: How many titles did roy Jones jr win?
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How many titles did the celtics win?

17 Titles

How many titles Kobe win?

5 titles

How many coaches did it take for UNC too win 5 NCAA titles?

There were three different coaches. Frank McGuire, Dean Smith, and Roy Williams.

How many titles did Roger Federer win?

61 titles

How many titles did Kobe win?

3 NBA titles

How many titles did Tiger Woods win and what is those titles?


What year did Michael oshungbure win chigago golden gloves?

1998 he beat roy jones in the finals

How many wimbledon titles did Boris Becker win?

Three singles titles

How many titles did Kareem Abdul jabar win?

He won six titles.

How many titles did Ali win?

He won 3 Heavyweight Titles as a Pro.

How many Kobe win?

5 titles

How many premier league titles did Ferguson win with Manchester United?

20 titles.