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2. Kobe and Shaq won 3 straight titles in 2000-2002. Kobe won 2 straight in 2009 and 2010.

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Q: How many titles did Kobe win without shaq?
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How many titles Kobe win?

Kobe won his three titles with Shaq through 200-02.

How many Nba titles have Phil Jackson won with the lakers?

6 with Chicago and Jordan, 3 with the Lakers and Kobe/Shaq.

How many titles has Shaq won?

Shaq has won 4 championship titles

Who is currently the best player in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant is the best player currently playing in the NBA as is evident by the number of NBA championships he currently has, whether it is with Shaq or without Shaq.

How many ring Kobe has won after shaq left?


Does Kobe have three NBA rings?

no Kobe has 4 rings he is going to get his 5th in the 2010 chapionship finals he got every ring except for his 4th ring with shaq and he poved to the world that he can get a ring without shaq

Why did shaquille Oneil fight Kobe?

Kobe Bryant and shaq hate eachother because they are both superstars, well shaq retired. But when they both played for the Lakers, shaq got all the attention. Kobe simply wanted more attention but shaq was constantly in the spotlight.

Is Shaqille O'neal better than Kobe Bryant?

Stephen Curry is way better than Shaquille O'Neil

How many champioships does Kobe have?

He has 3................thanks to shaq shaq got mvp finals all 3 times...without shaq the lakers fell apart always relying on Kobe to make all the shots.

Who is richer Kobe or shaq?

Kobe of course......shaq been in the nba since 1995 and Kobe since 1997but except Kobe's first 2-3 yrs. he take like $21 million for 1 yr.

Who has bigger hands Kobe or shaq?

Easily Shaq, he has one of the biggest hands in NBA history.

How did Kobe get his first championship ring?

He was with Shaq and at lakers