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Tarkenton was the starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowls VIII, IX, and XI.

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Q: How many times was Fran Tarkenton in the Super Bowl?
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Who was the quarterback in the vikings second trip to the super bowl?

Fran Tarkenton.

Who were the 2 viking quarterbacks that went to the Super Bowl?

joe capp fran tarkenton

Which super bowl quarterback wore number ten?

Eli Manning and Fran Tarkenton.

What super bowl quarterbacks wore number 10?

Eli Manning and Fran Tarkenton

Did Fran tarkington ever play in the Super Bowl?

Yes, three times. Tarkenton was the starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowls VIII, IX, and XI.

Who were the quarterbacks in Super Bowl IX?

The quarterbacks for the 1975 Super Bowl IX were Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Bradshaw, and Minnesota Vikings Fran Tarkenton.

Who where the quarterbacks for Super Bowl XI?

The quarterbacks for the 1977 Super Bowl XI were Oakland Raiders Ken Stabler, and Minnesota Vikings Fran Tarkenton.

What four giants have lead other teams to Super Bowl?

earl morrall Craig morton Fran tarkenton Kurt warner Jeff rutledge Kurt warner Craig morton Fran tarkenton

Fran Tarkenton started as QB in how many Super Bowls for the Vikings?

Three. Those were Super Bowl VIII against the Dolphins, Super Bowl IX against the Steelers, and Super Bowl XI against the Raiders.

How many Super Bowls did Fran Tarkenton win when he played for the Minnesota Vikings?

The Minnesota Vikings have never won a Super Bowl despite four appearances. Quarterback Fran Tarkenton was on the losing end of three of those title games (Super Bowls VIII, IX and XI).

Who tackled Fran tarkenton for the first safety in Super Bowl history?

Dwight white downed tarkenton after he fell on a fumble in the end zone to prevent the steelers from scoring a touchdown.

Who was the quarterback for all Super Bowls 4 for the vikings?

Super Bowl IV: Joe KappSuper Bowls VIII, IX, and XI: Fran Tarkenton

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