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Q: How many times the Indian hockey team won the world hockey championships?
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When was Ice Hockey World Championships created?

Ice Hockey World Championships was created in 1920.

When was FIRS Inline Hockey World Championships created?

FIRS Inline Hockey World Championships was created in 1995.

When was IPC Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships created?

IPC Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships was created in 1996.

How many times Indian men's team won hockey world cup?

India won men's hockey world cup for 2 times

How many World Championships did Canada win in hockey?

Including the years when the Olympic gold medalists were declared World Champions, Canada has won the World Championships a total of 24 times.

What country has won the most world championships in olympic hockey?


Who win hockey 2010?

The Czech republic won the world championships for 2010.

Who is the only player to win a Stanley cup and an olympic gold medal and a world junior hockey cham jr and world cup of hockey as a player?

Corey Perry and Scott Niedermayer have won golds at the Olympics, the World Championships and the World Junior Championships as well as a Stanley Cup, a Memorial Cup and a World Cup of Hockey.

How many times Indian hockey team won the champions trophy?

world cup -1 times,Olympics-9 times,Champian trophy-0Yash

Who won the most world cup of hockey?

If mean the original Hockey World Cup (first held in 1971), as in played on a turf, 11 a side, then Pakistan has won 4 times (1971, 1978, 1982 & 1994), followed by the Netherlands (3 times) and Germany (2 times). India and Australia have also won it. If you mean the Ice Hockey World Cup Tournament as sponsored by the NHL, Canada has won the most times. If you mean the official senior men's World Championships as operated by the IIHF, I also believe it is Canada. However, I suggest you check out the website at or simply Google World Hockey Championships to look for a list of gold medal winners.

Where can you buy hockey tickets for the 2008 World Junior Hockey Championships in the Czech Republic?

The 2008 World Jr hockey Championship has come and gone with Canada winning Gold vs Sweden.

Who was named MVP of the 2011 world junior hockey championships?

Brayden Schenn of TEAM CANADA

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