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Really if it was a dropped ball it should only bounce once and then the soccer players kick it to win possession for there team.

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Q: How many times shall a dropped ball bounce before it is in play during a soccer match?
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Does a soccer ball bounce?

yes soccer balls do bounce of course the bounce higher on tile or comcreate then grass though

Can soccer balls bounce on carpet?

Soccerballs can bounce on carpet.

Can a soccer goalie bounce the ball?

A goal keeper may bounce the ball.

How can you tell the soccer ball is properly inflated?

To really know for sure you have to check it with a good quality gauge, just like the pros do before a game. The bounce test can be pretty close if you know for certain how high the ball will bounce when dropped from a certain distance and can measure it accurately, anything else is just guesswork.

How high can a soccer ball bounce?

It can't.

What causes a soccer ball to bounce?

the air inside of it

Did rugby come before soccer?

No, rugby was invented during a game of soccer or as i say it football.

Why does a volleyball bounce higher than a soccer ball?

A volleyball is softer than a soccer ball.

Does a soccer ball bounce higher then a basketball?

Soccer balls. It would depend how high they came down from. As soccer balls are kicked high into the air, they probably bounce higher than basketballs which are just thrown.

What will bounce higher baseball soccer or a basketball?

basketball and chicken

If you dropped a basketball a soccer ball and a kickball which would bounce higher?

Since I just did this, (LOL) I would have to say that it mosyley depends o the amount of air that is pumped into each of them. ...Your welcome... ~M.salling1

Does air pressure inside a soccer ball effect it's bounce?

yes. higher pressure = better bounce

Does the size of a soccer ball affect how it will bounce?

i think the size of a soccer ball is affected becauseif it is bigger then it wont bounce has high because there is more air and more room inside.

Can an indoor soccer goalie bounce the ball?

Yes, as long as you are in the box.

Which bounce higher tennis ball or soccer ball?

Tennis balls.

Can you score off a dropped ball in soccer?


Which type of grass makes a soccer ball bounce higher?

turf grass

When is the ball in play from a dropped ball IN SOCCER?

When it hits the ground.

What is the minium number of players during a soccer game?

5, before they lose by forfeit

When is the best time to use your asthma pump when playing soccer before or during a match or practice?

Blue during and other before unless told by doctor (who?)

Why does a basketball bounce higher than a soccer ball?

i think it is because of the texture of the BALL!!<:)>

Why does a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball and soccer ball?

less weight

When is it best to use your asthma pump before or during soccer practice?

Is is actually helps better you you use in during the practice.

Why does a smaller plastic ball bounce higher than a soccer ball?

Because the plastic ball has higher potential while the soccer ball has not.

How does the air pressure of a ball effects its distance?

if you put a lot of air in a ball . good. the ball will bounce more. if its soccer it will kick further and bounce more