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Q: How many times sachin missed century at 99 runs in cricket?
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Who has been bowled the maximum number of times in ODI cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar. He has been bowled 65 times in ODI cricket.

Who has dismissed Sachin most number of times in International Cricket?

chaminda vaas

How many times sachin has got out in 90?

Sachin Tendulkar has been dismissed 8 times above the score of 90 in test cricket. (As of October 4, 2010)

Most man of the series in one day cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar 18 times

Who is known as god of cricket?

The King of Cricket is commonly referred to as the West Indian, VIV RICHARDS, because of his ease of scoring ODI hundreds and the ability to hit effortless sixes.

Who is the best crickter in the world?

Only a few would doubt the excellency of Sachin Tendulkar in cricket. He is the best cricketer of the world. He holds most records in cricket . These including maximum runs in both forms of cricket, maximum centuries in both forms of cricket. Not only this, he is the only player to score 200 runs in an innings in one-day cricket.

Which batsman has been bowled out most number of times in one day cricket?

67-Sachin Tendulkar

Who got Sachin's wicket mostly in test cricket?

Waqar Younis got Tendulkar out 15 times.

How many times sachin gets the man ofthe match in cricket?

I'm assuming you mean Sachin Tendulkar? 58 in one day internationals and 11 in test matches.

How many Man of the series awards has sachin tendulkar got in odi cricket?

62 times so far.

Which cricketer has a record of getting out on duck?

In one day cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has scored 0, 20 times .

How many one day's India won when sachin scored hundred?

sachin have score 44 centuries and out of that we have won 35 times and only 12 times India have lost when he have score century.......