How many times sachin got bold out?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Sachin Tendulkar

Total Ducks: 20

Golden ducks:1

Sachin Tendulkar, India : 91 innings

From 23 July 2008 to November 2013, he did not get out without scoring. The legendary batsman accumulated 4139 runs in the 91 innings without a duck. In total, he got out for zero 14 times in his Test career

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68 times

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Q: How many times sachin got bold out?
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Who got run out many times?


How many times did Sachin win MOM in WCup?

8 times he got man of the match

How many times sachin has got out in 90?

Sachin Tendulkar has been dismissed 8 times above the score of 90 in test cricket. (As of October 4, 2010)

How many times did sachin get out in his nineties?

sachin tendulkar has got out in nineties 18 times in ODI's and 10 times in tests so, totally 28 times, he had got out in nineties.

Sachin got 55 man of match award so how many times India win?


How many times Sachin Tendulkar got Man of the Match award in World Cup matches?


How many times sachin got out in between 90 to 100?

Sachin have scored 99 International 100s.48 in ODIs and 51 in Tests

How many Man of the series awards has sachin tendulkar got in odi cricket?

62 times so far.

Who got Sachin's wicket mostly in test cricket?

Waqar Younis got Tendulkar out 15 times.

Who has got Sachin tendulkar out maximum number of times in test?

chaminda vass

How does sachin get the name 'sachin'?

Sachin got he's name sachin from his Parents ....

How many times sachin tendulkar got man of the match award in international cricket?

62 in one-day international 14 in test total - 76