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2.5 times: 400 + 400 + 200 = 1000

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Q: How many times must a person run around the standard quarter-mile track to travel 1 kilometer?
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How many average steps in one kilometer?

Somewhere around 1500 steps - but it can really vary quite a bit, depending on the person, and on how that person walks.

What is human walking time per one kilometer?

Usually 10 minutes per one kilometer for a normal person.

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How far will a person walk in 5 minutes at normal pace?

about 1/4 mile _____________________________________________________________ Assuming 100 meter/minute, then he will walk around 500 meters or around 1/2 a kilometer.

What do you measure in metres?

The length of a car. The height of a person sometimes. Distance below a kilometer

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A 'click' is a kilometer, approximately 6/10 of a mile. The terms are used interchangably in the military in person or by radio. On documents, the formal 'kilometer' is usually used.

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How many miles will a person run during a 10 kilometer race?

They will run 6.21371 miles.

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How far can a person run in 15 minutes if he or she runs at an average speed of 16 kilometer per hour?

4 k

How far can a person run in 15 minutes if he or she runs at an average speed of 16 kilometer-hours?

4 Kilometres

In a four person relay race each person on relay team must run 750 meters how many kilometers long is the whole race?

4 x 750 = 3,000 meters1000 meters = 1 kilometer3,000 meters= 3 kilometer

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