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Only once has the FIFA World Cup been joint hosted, in the 2002 Japan/Korea FIFA World Cup

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Q: How many times have there been joint hosts of the world cup?
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Where have the World Cup tournaments been held?

Google World Cup hosts

How many have been won by the host nation?

Six hosts have won the world cup.

How many times has men and woman been in world cup Mexico?

If I'm reading this correctly, you're asking how many times the Mexican men's and women's teams have been in the World Cup Finals? If so... Men: 14 times of 19, best was the quarter finals in 1970 and 1986 (both times as hosts). Women: twice out of six, but yet to get past the group stage (1999 and 2011).

Has world cup soccer ever been played in Argentina?

Argentina were the hosts of the World Cup Finals Tournament in 1978, which they won.

How many times have Brazil been in the world cup?

They have been 18 times to the world cup.

What is the best soccer club of all times?

Manchester United have been consistently one of the most successful clubs in the world. They have won their domestic league (the Premiership) a joint record 18 times, and their domestic cup (the FA Cup) a record 11 times. They also won the club world cup in 2008 and have won the European Champions League three times.

How many times have the packers been world champions?

the packers have been world champions 12 times

How many times has Mexico been in the world cup?

Mexico have been in the world cup 4 times

How many hosts of Jeopardy have there been?


Who hosts the world cup in 2025?

There is no FIFA World Cup or Rugby World Cup in 2025. Venues for tournaments that far in the future would not yet have been decided in any case.

How many times have the athletics been to the World Series?

They have been to the world series 11 times .

How many fifa world cup tournament has been won by the hosts?

There have been six occasions when the World Cup were won by the hosts: Uruguay (1930) Italy (1934) England (1966) West Germany (1974) Argentina (1978) France (1998)

How many times has Colombia been in World Cup Soccer?

Colombia has only been in the World Cup four times

How many times have Mexico been in the world cup?

They have been in the FIFA world cup 4 times

How many times has the world cup soccer been held?

The world cup soccer has been held 21 times.

When was the world cup held in Spain last?

The World Cup has only ever been in Spain once, in 1982. The hosts didn't do particularly well, going out in the second round.

How many times have the dodgers been in the World Series?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been in 19 World series and won 7 of them.

How many times has the world cup been won?

The world cup has been won 18 times by different countries. 2010 world cup is world cup number 19.

How many times have England been in the FIFA World Cup?

England have been in the FIFA World Cup 12 times since 1930

How many times has david Attenborough been around the world?

He has been around the world 10 time

How many times has hulk Hogan been world heavyweight champion?

Hulk Hogan has never been the World Heavyweight Champion, but has been the WWE Champion 5 times.

How many times has Batista been world champion?

batista have been champion three times batista is now the 4 time world champ

How many times has Costa Rica been in a world cup?

They have been twice to a world cup.

How many times has John Cena been World Champion in WWE?

John Cena has been the World Heavyweight Champion twice, the United States Champion three times, the WWE Champion 11 times, the WWE Tag Team Champion two times, and the World Tag Team Champion 2 times. Altogether he has been champion a combined 17 times.

How many times did Chile play in the world cup?

Chile have been three times to the world cup.