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Q: How many times have the cowboys beat the packers?
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How many times have the packers beat the cowboys?


How many times did the Packers play the cowboys on Thanksgiving day and what were the years?

As of the 2008 season, the Cowboys and Packers have played on Thanksgiving Day 2 times: 1970 - Cowboys 16, Packers 3 1994 - Cowboys 42, Packers 31

How many times have the Bears beat the Packers?

The Bears have beat the Packers 88 time and lost to them 79 times.

How many times did the cowboys beat the Green Bay packers?

Through the 2010 season, the Cowboys lead the series 16-14. The total includes regular-season and postseason games.

How many times in a role have the cardinals beat Dallas cowboys?

How many times have Arizona cardinals beat Dallas cowboys in a roll

How many times has the packers beat the steelers?

14 times

How many times cowboys beat packers in Super Bowl?

Since the Super Bowl era began in the late 1960s, both the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers have been in the same league or conference. As a result, only can reach the Super Bowl in any given year

How many times have the cowboys and packers played and who has won the most times?

Through the 2010 season, the Cowboys lead the all-time series 16 to 14.

How many times did the bears beat the packers last season?

none packers rock bears suck

How many times have the lions beat the packers?

65 times. The Lions' current record against the Packers is 65-93-7.

How many times did Brett Favre beat the cowboys in the playoffs?

Favre is 1-3 in four playoff games against the Dallas Cowboys. He played against Dallas three times when he was with the Green Bay Packers and once with the Minnesota Vikings. The results: 1. NFC Division Playoff (1-16-94) - Cowboys 27, Packers 17 2. NFC Division Playoff (1-8-95) - Cowboys 35, Packers 9 3. NFC Championship Game (1-14-96) - Cowboys 38, Packers 27 4. NFC Division Playoff (1-17-01) - Vikings 34, Cowboys 3.

How many times have the dallas cowboys beat the kansas city chiefs?

The Chiefs have only beaten the Cowboys 3 times.