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Once. In 1969 the Jets beat the Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III.

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Q: How many times have the New York Jets been to the super bowl?
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How many times have the jets been to the playoffs?

The New York Jets have been to the playoffs fourteen times in their franchise history. Despite appearing in the playoffs many times, they have won the Super Bowl only once.

How many times have the Jets been in the Super Bowl?


How many years has it been since the New York Jets won the Super Bowl?

The New York Jets won their only Super Bowl on January 12, 1969. It has currently been 42 years.

How many times have the New York Jets been in the playoffs?

Through the 2012 season, the New York Jets have made it to the playoffs 14 times.

Did New York Jets been Super Bowl?

yes they have. they went to the super bowl in 1969 and won

How many times have NY Jets been in Super Bowl?


How many times have the NY Jets been to the Super Bowl?

1 (1969).

Which NFL teams have no Super Bowl wins?

the new york jets have never been to a super bowl!ANSWER:Actually, the Jets WON Super Bowl III.As of 2010, these teams have never won the Super Bowl:BuffaloJacksonvilleHoustonTennesseeClevelandCincinnatiSan DiegoMinnesotaDetroitCarolinaAtlantaPhiladelphiaSeattleArizonaOf those, Detroit, Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Houston have never been to the Super Bowl.

When have the jets been in the Super Bowl?

the only superbowl the Jets have been in has been superbowl III (3).

Did the Jets ever been in super bowl?


How many NFL championships have the NY Jets won?

The New York Jets have only been to one Super Bowl, in 1968. During that game, they beat the Baltimore Colts, 16-7.

How many Super Bowls have the jets been in?

One - Superbowl III.

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