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Through the 2012 season, the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings have played each other 25 times. This includes the playoffs.

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Q: How many times have the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings played each other?
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Which cities have hosted a Viking vs Bears match?

The Minnesota Vikings have played against the Chicago Bears in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois. These two teams have played regular at other football stadiums as well.

Where can a person go to find the 2013 schedule for the Minnesota Vikings?

The Minnesota Vikings have a Football Clubhouse on ESPN. They offer not only the team schedule, but other statistics that fans might be interested in.

Where can one purchase Minnesota Vikings apparel?

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Who leads in the Green Bay Packer vs Minnesota Vikings rivalry?

Vikings. They have the only playoff win against each other and that is all that matters

What colors are Minnesota Vikings jerseys?

The Minnesota Vikings are a football team. The jerseys are purple, white and yellow. This tam is a highly valued team for many communities, they doe charity events for kids and raise money for other events.

Can the Minnesota Vikings play in the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Yes, they can. The Super Bowl pits the NFC winner vs. the AFC winner, and the Vikings are in the NFC, while the Steelers are in the AFC. In fact, these two teams played against each other in Super Bowl IX.

When do the Vikings play the Bears in NFL?

"The Minnesota Vikings will play the Chicago Bears on the afternoon of Sunday, October 16, 2011. The two teams play each other at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois."

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Where can you find a list of the Minnesota Vikings all time win loss records vs every NFL team?

Click on the 'Vikings Head-to-Head Records' link below the answer to see the Vikings' all time records against the other NFL teams.

Have the patriots and giants ever played each other before?

They have played each other 11 times to date.

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