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Since 2007 the Jets are 4-3 verses Miami. Not including the December 12, 2010 meeting in Miami.

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Q: How many times have the NY jets beat the Miami Dolphins in the last three years?
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How many years straight did the Miami Dolphins make the playoffs?

The most consecutive years the Dolphins made the playoffs is 5 and they have accomplished that three times.1970-1974, 1981-1985, and 1997-2001.

How many years have Miami Dolphins been playing?

The Miami Dolphins have been playing for 63 years.

What years did the Miami Dolphins win a championship?


What years did Miami Dolphins win the division title?

1972 and 1973

How long has Dan Marino been a quarterback?

17 years with the Miami Dolphins

What is the win loss record between the Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee titians?

Tennessee is 14-17 all time versus the Miami Dolphins, that includes their years as the oilers franchise as well.

What years did Miami Dolphins appear in the Super Bowl?

In 1987, 1967, 1949, 1948

What years did the Miami Dolphins win a Super Bowl with dan marino?

I don't think they won a Super Bowl while Marino was with the Dolphins.

What is the win-lost record of Miami Dolphins over the past 5 years?


How many years have the Miami Dolphins made the playoffs?

Since the merger of the AFL into the NFL in 1970, the Dolphins made the playoffs 23 times in 47 seasons, or just under half the seasons. They only won 2 of 5 Super Bowl appearances, but they had consecutive wins in 1972 and 1973, out of three consecutive appearances.

Who is better the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Miami Dolphins?

The Steelers have won six Superbowl titles to two for the Dolphins and have had a more consistent winning record over the years.

For which football team did Mike Golic play?

"Mike Golic was a defensive tackle who played for nine years in the NFL and the three teams he played for were the Houston Oilers, Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins."

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