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Q: How many times have the Cleveland Cavaliers made the finals?
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When was the last time the Cleveland Cavaliers made it to the Eastern Conference finals?

Cleveland Cavaliers reached the Eastern Conference finals last 2009. They were annihilted though by the Orlando Magic after winning their series 4-1. They recently was defeated by the Boston Celtics in the 2nd round of 2010 NBA playoffs.

How many times have the Lakers made it to the nba finals?

Lebron James lead Cleveland to 5 consecutive appreances in the playoffs, 2006-2010.

When did the Cleveland Cavaliers join the NBA?

The Cleveland Cavaliers actually joined the NBA as an expansion team in the year 1970. In just 6 years they made won the NBA Central Division title for the first time.

How many championships have the Cleveland cavaliers won and how many have they made it to the championships but lost?


How many times did the lakers appear in the finals?

The Lakers have lost 15 NBA Finals. They made it to a total of 31 NBA Finals, and won 16 of them.

How many times have the Washington capitals made it to the playoffs?

To the finals, once.