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Q: How many times have spurs finished above Liverpool since 2005?
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Is Liverpool better than spurs?

Liverpool is way better

Has Liverpool won more cups than spurs?

Yes Liverpool has won many more Cups than Spurs

Who is in semi final fa cup?

chelsea spurs eveton and liverpool

Who is the Irish footballer who played for Liverpool and returned to spurs in feb 2009?

robbie keane

6 premiership clubs that nick barnabt has played for?

Spurs, Middlesbrough, Everton, Liverpool, Leeds and Hull

Spurs Qpr Aston Villa Norwich Southampton Liverpool Portsmouth?

Peter Crouch has played for all these clubs.

When did west ham last finish above arsenal?

Arsenal have finished above Spurs every year except 1993 and 95. Spurs came close to finishing above Arsenal in 2006 when they lost to West Ham on the last day. Arsenal beat Wigan and leapfrogged them into fourth position, and so qualified for the Champions League despite losing to Barcelona in the final two weeks later.

Who has played in the Liverpool against everton spurs against arsenal and man city against man united derbys?

Nicolas anelka

Who is played in local derbys of inter milan a c milan and Newcastle middlesborough and arsenal spurs and Liverpool everton?

Christian Ziege.

What player played in spurs v arsenal and rangers v Celtic and Liverpool v everton and villa v Birmingham?

Robbie keane

How long has peter Holt owned the spurs?

since 1993.

How many times have spurs finished ahead of Chelsea in premiership?

0 they always finish in the same place