How many times have ku beat mu?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: How many times have ku beat mu?
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Does mu rule or ku?


Does Justin bieber like ku or mu better?


In 2010 who won mu or ku?

Ku won both times they played mizzou! The first score was 84-65. The second was 77-56.

Is MU better than KU?

YES ku IS WAY BETTER THAN mu THAT IS WAY MU WON AGAINST KU IN 2007. MU ROX NO MU IS NOT BETTER THAN KU , KU ALWAYS BEATS THEM:) < your dumb MU SUCKS AND KU ROCKS:) <your stupid Actually guys look at the facts. I mean I'm not saying this because I like MU I'm saying this because if you add the stats over the years MU has some of the best. KU is imploding. The players are railing against their coach. It's time for KU to reevaluate. It's time for MU to go to a 5th straight bowl. ^ honestly i think all you ku fans on here are freaking retarded shut your mouths jerks! mizzou is waaayyy better just admit it. our beautiful tiger could rip your ugly mythical bird apart. Actually Ku has won 11 more National Championships and 88 more Conference Titles in all athletics than MU. Plus Ku has appeared in a final four and a BCS BOWL. MU has never appeared in both!

How do you write Mukul in Japanese?

ムクル (mu ku ru)

What is excuse me in kapampangan?

patawarin mo ako hope it helps

Are there more KU or MU fans right now?

There are most likely more MU fans, than KU fans because Missouri has a larger population than Kansas does. I'm not sure...that just seems like the logical answer.

What was the first year MU and KU played against each other?

90000 b.C

What is the Tagalog translation for the Kapampangan sentence 'balu mu ita at lalu mu pakabalwan na atchu ku mu ken ne'?

U know that and u have to always remember that i am here for u

How many times has MU won the prmeier league?


How do you write Surrounds in kanji Japanese?

The verb 'to surround' would be translated to囲む /ka ko mu/ as well as 包む which can be read both /tsu tsu mu/ & /ku ru mu/.

What is the words for black son in Japanese?

黒い息子 /ku roi mu su ko/. If by black you mean of African American descent, you can say 黒人の 息子 /ko ku jin no mu su ko/.