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In 1992, Arsenal qualified for the European Cup, as the tournament was still under this banner at that point.

After this, there was a gap in qualifying until the 1998-1999 season. Since then, they have qualified for the Champions' League in every season, meaning that they have done it for this format a total of 14 times, plus the other time with the European Cup format.

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Q: How many times have arsenal qualified for the champions league since 1991?
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Have lyon ever won the champion league?

NO, Olympique Lyon have never won the Champions League. However, they have qualified 9 times to the Champions League(since 1992).

How many years has it been since Tottenham were last in the champions league?

Tottenham last competed in the Champions League in 2010-11. They qualified for the 2012-13 Champions League, however were placed in the Europa League as a result of a UEFA technicality

If Newcastle finish 4th in the epl and Chelsea win the champions league does that mean Newcastle dont qualify for the champions league?

If Chelsea wins the Champions League, they will automatically be qualified for next year's no matter what their position is at the end of the season, and since the Premier League can only have four teams Newcastle would then not go to the Champions League but the Europa League, everything moving down one.

Did Arsenal ever finish above Spurs since the premiership?

Arsenal have finished above Spurs every year except 1993 and 95. Spurs came close to finishing above Arsenal in 2006 when they lost to West Ham on the last day. Arsenal beat Wigan and leapfrogged them into fourth position, and so qualified for the Champions League despite losing to Barcelona in the final two weeks later.

First team to win the champions league?

Marseille were the first team to win the Champions League since it became a league format.

What club first won the premier league since it was named the premier league?


When did arsenal get in the English premier league?

Arsenal have been present in the Barclays Premier League every season since its foundation in the 1992-93 season.

When did the European Cup become the Champions League?

The European Cup became known as the UEFA Champions League since the 1992-1993 season.

How many times have arsenal won premier league?

Arsenal have won the E.P.L. three times since 1992.

Who are the 2 footballers on the English Premier League since 1995 to win both the world cup and premier league?

Emmanuel Petit and Patrick Vieira were both involved with Arsenal (champions 1998) and France (World Cup winners 1998).

How many times have England won the champions league?

England have never won it. English clubs have won the Champions League/European Cup 12 times. From 1955 up until 1992, it was known as the European Cup and since then it has been the Champions League. Since it became known as the Champions League English clubs have won it 4 times.

Has arsenal football club been relegated from the English premire league?

Never. Arsenal have been in it every year since it was established. no they have always been in the premier league or division 1 since they were established

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