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never because Chelsea had a match with Manchester city and Chelsea won.

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Q: How many times have Manchester city beaten Chelsea?
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How many times has Manchester United beaten Hull City?


How many times have Manchester United Blackburn RoversArsenal Chelsea and Manchester City have won the premier league?

there is no such team as Roversarsenal ? arsenal have won it 21 times chelsea 2 manchetser united 7 and dortmund 5 times

How many times has Tottenham beaten Newcastle?

Tottenham have beat Manchester City 21 times in the Premier League.

Who would win in a football community shield Chelsea or Manchester city?

Chelsea would win a Community Shield because Manchester City is a sucker of a team!

What are the richest clubs in FIFA 10?

Manchester City, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Inter Milan.

What team did tevez go to?

Carrlos Tevez has joined Manchester City from Manchester United. and he had a choice of Chelsea or Liverpool or Manchester city so he wen to Manchester city

Which English football clubs as Nicolas anelka played for?

5, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bolton and Manchester City

What are the top teams in this year's English Premiership?

Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester city, Arsenal

Who broke Manchester United's record in the Champions League?

Chelsea or Manchester City, only those two I think.

Which has won more football matches Manchester United or Manchester City?

Manchester United have defifinately won more matches then Manchester City.

Which is the second richest club?

That would now be Chelsea behind Manchester city.

Did Chelsea and Manchester city played two consecutive games on the same ground?