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Lfc? what do you mean...Liverpool FC?

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Q: How many times have Lfc won league cups?
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How many times have lfc won the premiure league?


How many times did lfc win the league title?


How many trophies have Liverpool and Man Utd won?

18 premier league titles each Liverpool have won 7 fa cups 7 league cups 3 uefa cups and 5 European cups man u have won 11 fa cups 3 carlin cups 3 uefa cups so lfc have won 40 cups i think and man u have won 35 i think

How many times has lfc won the champions leauge?

5 times

How Many Leagues Have Liverpool Won?

18 leagues LFC 19 leagues MUFC 1 league different but LFC is the best!!!!!!!! :)

When did LFC win the first champions league?


In which year did LFC win the League Title for the first time?

the answer is 1900-1901

How much could you sell a lfc signed champions league winning shirt for?


Who is better LFC your EFC?


Managers have won English league title with different clubs?

"King" Kenny Dalglish - LFC and Blackburn

When was LFC TV created?

LFC TV was created in 2007.

How many hat-tricks has Fernando Torres scored?

Fernando Torres has scored a total of five hat-tricks in competitive matches; Spain v San Marino LFC v Reading LFC v Middlesbrough LFC v West Ham LFC v Hull

Which is the most successful English football team?

That is a debatable question. Manchester United recently became the most successful English club in domestic competition winning their 19th league title. However, Liverpool is the overall most successful club with 18 league titles, 5 European Cups, and 3 UEFA Cups. The overall trophy count is in Liverpool's favor as well. LFC fans are also arguably more dedicated to the club.

How many black Lfc first team players ever?


How many trphies have Liverpool football club won?

LFC have 59 trophies.

Is the LFC Online site affiliated with the Liverpool football team?

The LFC Online site is, in fact, affiliated with the Liverpool football team. For more information about the team or the coaches, check out the LFC Online site.

Did Barcelona Football Club ever defeat Liverpool FC?

Barcelona head to head matches with Liverpool Barça 1-3 LFC LFC 5-2 Barça LFC 2-1 Barça

What is the lfc fans called?

There are many nicknames for LFC fans. However, the most common is Kopites. I know because I am one. Your first answer was 'Scoucers', which should of been spelt as 'Scousers'. However, this is a term for a person from Liverpool, and not necessarily a Liverpool supporter.

In what year did China Life Insurance Company Limited - LFC - have its IPO?

China Life Insurance Company Limited (LFC)had its IPO in 2003.

What is full form of LFC?

leave fare concession

Who is LFC's captian?

steven Gerrard

What religion is Kenny dalgleish?


What is the market cap for China Life Insurance Company Limited LFC?

As of July 2014, the market cap for China Life Insurance Company Limited (LFC) is $79,989,115,121.70.

When was El Arte De La Elegancia De LFC created?

El Arte De La Elegancia De LFC was created on 2009-11-03.

What does lfc stand for?

Liverpool football club