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They won the top league three times one in 1969,1974,and 1992.

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Q: How many times have Leeds United won the top league?
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How many times leeds united won champions league?

Leeds United have never won the Champions League or European Cup.

How many times have Leeds United won the premier league?


How many teams are there in the Leeds United League?

There are several teams in the Leeds United League that reside in the northern part of England. A corresponding club is called the Leeds United Association Football Club.

How many trophys have leeds won in every league?

Leeds United has 8 cups from all 4 leagues, and 6 league titles to it's name.

How many times have Manchester united defeated leeds united?

not a 100% sure but reacently leeds beat Manchester 1-0 !

How many times did Billy Bremner play for leeds united?


How many times have Leeds Rhinos won the Engage Super League title?


How many times has leeds united won the premiership?

Leeds United has never won the Premiership. They won the last old Division One title in 1991/2.

How many times has Manchester United won the champions league?

Manchester United have won the champion league 3 times.

How many times have Leeds Rhinos won the Super League?

They have won it 6 times. 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012.

How many times have Leeds United beat Manchester United?

According to, Leeds have won 26 of their 106 matches against Man Utd (23 in the league and 3 in the FA Cup, including of course their last meeting in January 2010). Man Utd have won 45, and there have been 35 draws.

How many league titles have Leeds United won?

League One Champions: 1968-69 1973-74 1991-92 League Two Champions: 1923-24 1963-64 1989-90 As well as 4 times FA Cup Winners, 2 times League Cup Winners and 3 times Charity Shield Winners,

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