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India have won four times against Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup.

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Q: How many times have India won against Pakistan in world cup?
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Have Pakistan won against India in world cup matches?

No Pakistan has never won against India.They have faced each other sever times.

How many times India defeated Pakistan in all cricket world cup?

India has defeated Pakistan 5 times in the world cup matches. Pakistan has never defeated India in world cup matches.

How many times Pakistan beat India in all world cup?

Pakistan has never beaten India in world cup.

How many times has Pakistan beaten India in all world cup matches?

126, of which Pakistan has won 72 while India has won 50 (4 have been no result, 0 ties).

Have ever India lost any cricket match against Pakistan in world cup?


Who won the world t20 competition?

2007- India won against Pakistan by 5 runs. 2009- Pakistan won against Srilanka by 8 wickets.

How many times Pakistan defeat India in world cup matchas?


How many times Pakistan beaten India in all world cup matches?

india and pakistan have met 7 times in th icc world cup and all the 7 times indians have been victorious having a 100% victory record against their rivals. the last met in th 2015 world cup on 15th feburary and India won the match again under MS dhoni ,virat kohli scored a century in that

When is India matches in icc world cup matches?

in 2015, India's first match was against pakistan on 15th feburary 2015

Who captained Pakistan in the 1996 World cup quarter final match against India?

Amir sohail

Who will win ICC world cup India or Pakistan?


Is India meet Pakistan in world cup semifinals?

Yes India meet Pakistan in world cup semifinals.India won the match.