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Tom Kiely won in 1904, Daley Thompson won in 1980 and again in 1984. So the answer is two, but three times. Thompson is one of two people (American Bob Mathias the other) who have repeated as Olympic Decathlon Champion.

Here is another asterisk to add. In 1980 many countries boycotted the Olympics in Moscow, then in the Soviet Union. Great Britain attended but competed under the Olympic flag in support of the political issues for the boycott.

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Q: How many times have Great Britain won a Decathlon in the Olympics?
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How many times have the Olympics been in great Britain?

Great Britain hosted the Olympic Games 3 times. 1908, 1948 and 2012.

How many times has an athlete won multiple gold medals for the men's decathlon in the modern Olympics?

Twice ... Bob Mathias of the United States at the 1948 Games in London and 1952 Games in Helsinki and Daley Thompson of Great Britain at the 1980 Games in Moscow and 1984 Games in Los Angeles.

Who won the first decathlon?

The first Olympic decathlon was 1904, won by Tom Kiely. Before the event was in the Olympics other people competed in the event many times.

How many times has Great Britain won the Olympic gold medal in the high jump?

Once ... Cornelieus Leahy won gold in the high jump for Great Britain at the 1906 Olympics.

How many times did England host the Olympics?

England has NEVER hosted the Olympic Games. But GREAT BRITAIN Has hosted the Olympics three times: 1908, 1948 and 2012. Tone, Cardiff, Wales.

How many times has great britain won the ice hockey gold medal at the winter olympics?

Once, at the 1936 Games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

How many times has the Olympics been held in Britain?

3 times

How many times has Britain entered the Olympics?


How many times has the England olympic hockey team won the gold?

Once as England, the first time field hockey was in the Olympics, and twice as part of the Great Britain team. All were victories by the men's team; the closest the women's team has come was bronze at Barcelona 1992 (as part of Great Britain).

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Is Antarctica 60 times bigger than Great Britain?

If Antarctica is 14,000,000 square kilometers, and Great Britain is 229,848 square kilometers, then 14,000,000/229,848 = 60.90981866276844. Antarctica is about 61 times bigger than Great Britain. (numbers from Wikipedia)

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How many times has the olympic games been held in Great Britain?

Twice. London hosted the Games of the IV (4th) Olympiad in 1908 and the Games of the XIV (14th) Olympiad in 1948. London will host the Games of the XXX (30th) Olmypiad in 2012, making it the third games hosted in GBR.Great Britain has never hosted the Winter Olympics.

Is rugby in Olympics?

Rugby 7s, a smaller version of the game will be in the Olympics in 2016. The 15 a side game is not. It was introduced to the Olympics in 1900 (France, Germany, and Great Britain entered teams, France won). It didn't appear again until 1908 (Australasia, which included Aus. and NZ, Great Britain, which included Ireland, and France competed, Australasia won after France pulled out and GB were forced to field the Cornwall county team). It was included in 1920 and 1924, both times won by the U.S.

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When did soccer become an olympic event?

1900 was the first year that saw men's football (soccer) being played at the Olympics. To date, the Olympics in 1896 and 1932 are the only ones in which it has not appeared. Women's football made it's debut at the Olympics in 1996.Soccer became an Olympic event in 1888. if u dont believe me go to's debut in the Summer Olympics was in 1900 at the Games in Paris .Soccer has been introduced to olympics since ancient times.In 1900 at Paris. Great Britain, France and Belgium were the only competitors with Great Britain defeating France for the gold medal.

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Who is all time great of decathalon commonwealth games?

Daley Thompson is the greatest decathlon athlete in Commonwealth Games history. He won the event three times: 1978, 1982 and 1986.

Did mideviel times have Olympics?

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