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The Original Ottawa Senators have won 11 Stanley Cups

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Q: How many times has the senators won the Stanley cup?
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How many games did the Ottawa senators win?

the Ottawa senators won the Stanley cup 7 times and were given the name Ottawa senators in 1992

When did the Ottawa Senators win their first Stanley Cup?

The Ottawa Hockey Club (nicknamed the Senators) first won the Stanley Cup in 1903 when it was a challenge cup.The current version of the Ottawa Senators has not won the Stanley Cup.

How many times have the Anaheim Mighty Ducks won the Stanley Cup?

The Ducks have won only once, in the 2006/2007 season.The Ducks defeated the Ottawa Senators in 2007 for the franchise's only Stanley Cup.

How many times has the kings been in the Stanley cup?

the kings have been to the stanley cup 7 times

Who won more Stanley cups Ottawa or Toronto?

Toronto has won more Stanley Cups, having won 13 Stanley Cups.The original Ottawa Senators have won the Stanley Cup 5 times, but the current Ottawa Senators have not yet won the Stanley cup.

How many times is Jacques lemaires name on Stanley cup?

how many times did Mario lemieus's name appear on Stanley cup

How many NHL teams have never won the stanley cup?

13 current NHL teams have not won the Stanley Cup, if the Ottawa Senators are counted. The original Ottawa Senators won numerous Stanley Cups, but the newer expansion team has not. If the Ottawa Senators are not counted, then this number falls to 12.

How many Stanley cups have the modern-day Ottawa senators won?

The original Ottawa Senators, founded in 1883, have won the Stanley Cup in 11 different years.In the playoff format, they won in 4 times. 1920, 1921, 1923 and 1927.As a challenge cup, they won it multiple times in 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1909, 1910, 1911, but were not champions of the year at the end of the 1906 and 1910 seasons. The original Ottawa Senators franchise recorded 21 Stanley Cup wins before the Original Six era.The modern day Ottawa Senators have never won it.They have won three times.

How many times is Wayne Gretzkys name on the Stanley cup?

He won 4 stanley cups all with Edmonton so he is on the Stanley cup 4 times

How many times has koivu won the Stanley cup?

Neither Koivu brother has won the Stanley Cup.

When was the last time ottawa won the Stanley cup?

The modern day Senators have never won it. The original Senators won the Stanley Cup in the 1926-27 season.

How many players were on 1919 Ottawa senators Stanley Cup-winning hockey team?