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Q: How many times has an unranked college football team beat a number 1 ranked team?
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What college football team is ranked number one in the AP poll?


What college football team has the number one ranked rush offense?

Oregon ducks

What is North Carolina's Tar Heels ranking in college football?

They are ranked number 1 in the league

Has there ever been two teams from the same state ranked number one and number two in college football?

There has never been two teams from the same state to rank number 1 or 2 in college football. The number 1 college football team is Mississippi State.

Is there multiplayer in burnout paradise?

of course! ranked and unranked or just with friends.

When was the last time penn state football was ranked number one?

Penn State was last ranked in football during the 2011 football season. During Week 14, the last poll prior to the bowl season and the following "Final" polls, Penn State was ranked in both the AP (No. 24) and Coaches' (No. 23) polls. After losing their bowl game, the Nittany Lions were unranked in both final polls.

What rank is Arkansas football?

Arkansas football is ranked number 15.

How many teams in college football were ranked number one before the season started and finished the season number one?

2001 FSU team.

What is the number one college football team?

The USC trojans are never ranked high enough or in the discussion for #1 but they should be. They are the best team in college football history! If you don't believe me ask the stats.

What sport is ranked number 1?

football, undoubtedly!!

Where can you see the top 15 ranked teams in college football?

What team is currently ranked number 1 in mens college basketball?

The Tenneesee Volunteers are ranked number 1

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