How many times has ac millan won?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: How many times has ac millan won?
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Is Liverpool better than ac millan?

yes of course Liverpool is better than ac millan because livepool won the eourpean cup

How many times have ac milan won the e Italian league?

100 times

How much did AC Millan pay for Ronaldinho?

187000 euros

What Italian team does Andrea pirlo currently play for?

Ac millan

Who is the captain of millan?

Inter Milan : Javier Zanetti AC Milan : Ambrosinni

How many times did ancelotti won the champion league as a player?

Ancelotti won the European Cup twice as a player with AC Milan in 1989 & 1990

What does Milan mean?

well Ac stands for Athletic club but I do not know what millan means.

Who many time did ac Milan won the campions league?

A.C. Milan have won the the champion league 7 times .second to Real Madrid with 9 titles.

Is ac millan an Italian football club yes or no?

A.C Milan is a top Italian club.

How many times ac Milan have won the uefa champion's league title?

AC Milan have won the 2nd most amount of Champions League titles with 7 after Real Madrid C.F who have won a stagerring 9 Champions Leagues including the first ever 5!!!!!

How many times have AC milan won the fifa world club cup?

A.C.Milan can only win the Champion league, not the world cup.

Which players have won the champions league 3 times?

clarance seedorf has won the champions league with ajax, real Madrid and AC milan