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Queens Park Rangers have never won the Barclays Premier League, or the old First Division equivalent of it.

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Q: How many times has Queens Park Rangers won the Barclays Premier League?
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How many times have Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers met in the Premier League?

As of November 2011, Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers have met nine times in the Premier League.

What division does Queens Park Rangers participate in?

Queens Park participates in the Premier League division one.

What 3 teams have been promoted to Barclays premier league?

Cardiff City, Hull City Tigers, and Crystal Palace were promoted to the English Premier League for the start of the 2013-2014 season. Queens Park Rangers, Reading, and Wigan Athletic were all relegated from the premier league for the start of this same season.

Where did Queens Park Rangers finish in the 1st season of the Premier League?

They finished in fifth place.

How man teams are there in the Barclays premier league?

There are a total of twenty teams in the Barclays Premier League (BPL). However, the teams in the league are not always the same. At the end of the season, the bottom three teams in the BPL are relegated to the Championship League, and the top three teams from the Championship League are promoted to the BPL. For example, at the end of the 2012-2013 season, Queens Park Rangers, Reading, and Wigan Athletic were all relegated, and Cardiff City, Hull City, and Crystal Palace were each promoted.

What 3 teams were relegated from the Barclay's Premier League in 2012 - 2013 season?

Wigan Athletic, Reading and Queens Park Rangers.

What teams are in the barclays premire league?

In the 2012-2013 season, these are the teams in the Barclays Premier League: Manchester City Manchester United Arsenal Tottenham Hotspurs Chelsea Newcastle Liverpool Fulham Norwich Queens Park Rangers Swansea City Reading Stoke City Sunderland Southampton Wigan Athletic West Ham West Bromwich Albion Aston Villa Everton

Who is relegated from the premier league 2013?

The three teams relegated after the 2012-2013 season were Wigan Athletic, Queens Park Rangers, and Reading.

Who scored the last goal in the English premier league 2011-2012 season?

The last goal in the English Premier league for the 2011-12 season was by Manchester City Striker Sergio Aguero againt Queens Park Rangers. It was scored in extra time to win the Premier League title for Man City.

Who is the oldest premier league footballer?

As of April 2011, the oldest player to have made a Premier League appearance is Manchester City's John Burridge, who was 43 years 162 days old when he played for Manchester City against Queens Park Rangers on May 14, 1995.

What team does Andros Townsend play for?

Andros Townsend plays football for Queens Park Rangers Football Club in the English Premier League. He is a midfielder and wears number 31 on this jersey.

Who was the first player red carded in the premier league?

There were two players red carded on 15 August 1992, Mick Adams of Queens Park Rangers and Niall Quinn of Manchester City. Prior games did not see any players sent off in the inaugural season of the Premier League.

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