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3 times

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Q: How many times has London held the Olympics and in what years?
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Where is this years Olympics held?


Which years did London hold the Olympics?

1908 and 1944 and 2012 are the years London has held the Olympics.

What are the Olympics years?

The Olympics are held every 4 years, the next Olympics is that of 1012 in London.

How many times has LOndon held the Olympics?

48 times

How many times since the year 2000 have the summer Olympics been held in London?

How many times has the summer olympics been held in London?

How many time London held the Olympics and in which year?

London has held the Olympics three times including this year. London has hosted it in 1908,1948 and this year 2012.

Where exactly were the Olympics held?

They were first held in Athens, Greece. However the Olympics were held 3 times in London, UK so that was the country with the most times held.

What are the London Olympics?

London has hosted the Olympics three different times. The Olympics were held in 1908, 1948, and the most recent was 2012.

Where are the London Olympics being held?

the london olympics are being held at the studium

When was the London Olympics last held?

The last Olympics held in London was in 1948

Where are the 2012 London Olympics being held?

The 2012 London Olympics are being held in London.

When was the olympics last held in England?

It has been held in the UK 3 times: 2012 (London) 1948 (London) 1908 (London)

Where will the Olympics be held in four years?

Summer Olympics- London, England Winter Olympics - Sochi, Russia

Where will the next summer Olympics be held in 2010?

There isn't a summer Olympics in 2010 there is London 2012 Olympics it is held every four years

Where is the Olympics being held?

The London Olympics are being held at Newham east London!

In 2011 were will the winter Olympics be held?

There isn't a winter Olympics held every year, just every four years. In four years, 2014, the winter Olympics will be held in Russia. The summer Olympics are in two years, 2012, in London.

Which years has the olympics been held in london?

1908 1948 2012

Which city has held the summer Olympics the most times and how many?

London 3 times

What country are this years Olympics being held?

London and 2016's are being held in brazil

Where will the Olympic Games be held in four years?

the next Olympics are held in 2012 in London UK

Where was the Olympics held 100 years ago?

The 1908 Olympic Games were held in London, England.

When are the 2012 London Olympics being held?

the 2012 Olympics are being held in London,England!

When are the olypmics held?

It's held every 4 years so there was the Beijing Olympics in 2008 so the London Olympics will be on 2012

Are you going to have the Olympics in London?

The 2012 Summer Olympics will be held in London.

Where is the Olympics held in 2012?

The 2012 olympics will be held in england,london