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Q: How many times has India won the Asia Cup?
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How many times did India win the Asia cup hockey tournament?


The country to win Asia cup in cricket more times?


How many Asian cups had India won?

5times india have wo the asia cup........ highest in asia

How many time Asia host cricket world cup?

asia held 4 times

How many times India has qualified for soccer world cup?

India qualified once for the world cup in 1950.

How many times is the ICC World Cup staged in Asia?


How many times team India won the world cup of football?

India has never won the world cup in football.

Who own cricket Asia cup 2010?


How many time did sri lanka win the Asia cup?

4 Times

How many times India won under 19 world cup?

3 times

How many times has India won the icc cricket world cup?

2 times

How many times India won the 50 over world cup?

2 times