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4 times (1966, 1982, 1986, 2002)

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2010-09-21 10:52:51
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Q: How many times has Germany been runners up in the Worldcup?
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Which team has won the FIFA World Cup the most times?

Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup 5 times and have been the Runners Up twice. Italy has won 4 times and has also been the Runners Up twice. Germany has won 3 times and been the Runners Up 4 times.

How many times Germany won the euro?

Germany won European championship (1972, 1990, 1996). They have also been runners-up three times in the European Championships.

How many times has the football worldcup been held in Europe?

10 times (as of 2010).

How many times have Germany been runners up in the world cup?

They finished 4 times as runner up, 1966, 1982, 1986. and 2002.

What years have Germany won the world cup?

The German National Team won the World Cups in 1954,1974, and 1990, all of them were won as West Germany. Germany has been the runners-up 4 times, and have finished 3rd 3 times most recently in 2006 and 2010.

Which teams have been runners up more than once in the rugby wolrd cup?

the answer is france, the have been runners up 3 times.

How many times had holland been the runners up in the world cup?


How many times has the urugauy soccer team been to the worldcup?

Uruguay have played totally 11 world cups, including the one they will play in South Africa, and have been two times champions.

How many times have Leicester fc won the fa cup?

Never, but have been runners-up 4 times

Who will host 2018 worldcup?

It hasn't been decided yet.

What has been the biggest upset for the All Blacks?

Not winning the worldcup

How many times HAS Spain BEEN runners up in the world cup?

Never prior to 2010.

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