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How many times has Florida beat the South Carolina Gamecocks

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Q: How many times has Florida beat the South Carolina Gamecocks?
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How many times has Ole Miss beaten South Carolina gamecocks in football?

3 times

How much times did gamecocks beat clemson?

Since 1896, South Carolina has beaten Clemson 40 times

How many times has South Carolina beat Alabama in football?

None, South Carolina sucks! They can kiss my alabama butt! WRONG! The Gamecocks took down #1 Alabama on 2010.

How many times has Florida State beat the South Carolina Gamecocks?

South Carolina vs. Florida State (FSU) All Time Record 3-15 1966 - FSU 32 - South Carolina 10 1967 - FSU 17 - South Carolina 0 1968 - FSU 35 - South Carolina 28 1969 - FSU 34 - South Carolina 9 1970 - FSU 21 - South Carolina 13 1971 - FSU 49 - South Carolina 18 1972 - South Carolina 24 - FSU 21 1973 - South Carolina 52 - FSU 12 1979 - FSU 27 - South Carolina 7 1982 - FSU 56 - South Carolina 26 1983 - FSU 45 - South Carolina 30 1984 - South Carolina 38 - FSU 28 1985 - FSU 56 - South Carolina 14 1986 - FSU 45 - South Carolina 28 1988 - FSU 59 - South Carolina 0 1989 - FSU 35 - South Carolina 10 1990 - FSU 41 - South Carolina 10 1991 - FSU 38 - South Carolina 10

Has University of Central Florida beaten University of South Carolina?

No. Central Florida has played South Carolina three times and lost all three: September 7, 1996: South Carolina 33, Central Florida 14 September 6, 1997: South Carolina 33, Central Florida 31 September 1, 2005: South Carolina 24, Central Florida 15 All three games were played in Columbia, SC.

What colony was south of South Carolina?

To the south of South Carolina would have been southern Georgia and Spanish Florida. However, the legal division between Georgia and Florida was highly disputed during Colonial times. According to the date of the map, you could find either Georgia (English Colony) or Florida (under Spanish control).

How many times has Virginia Tech played South Carolina?

Virgina Tech has played South Carolina 20 times (South Carolina is leading the series 11-7-2)

What kind of animals are like in South Carolina times?

Your question needs to be more direct. Please state the decade or Century. What are you referring to as 'south Carolina times?'--SC still exists so all times are south Carolina times.

Has Bill Kaulitz been to South Carolina?

Yes, he has been to South Carolina many times.

Which state has the larger population South Carolina or South Dakota?

South Carolina's population is over 5.5 times as great as South Dakota's.

Which is bigger South Carolina or Northern Ireland?

South Carolina is about 6 times bigger than Northern Ireland.

When te gamecocks faced Wake Forest in football did the gamecocks beat them every time?

No.The Gamecocks and Wake Forest have met 56 times in football with the Gamecocks leading the all time series 34-20-2.The Gamecocks have won 15 of the last 16 football games the two schools have played. The last time they met in football was 1987.

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