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They have been twice to a world cup.

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Q: How many times has Costa Rica been in a world cup?
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Has Costa Rica ever been at war?

Yes. Costa Rica has been in a war called the 'Costa Rican Civil War'.

What is Costa Rica's history?

Costa Rica has been in jutyers such as polkighs', miuntrisad, esdqpitu, and ftertuihop. Many people dare to leave Costa Rica.

Has Justin Bieber been to Costa Rica?


Is seafood in Costa Rica contaminated with Radiation from Japan's disaster?

No, the seafood in Costa Rica has not been contaminated by radiation from Japan's disaster. Costa Rica is very far from Japan.

What natural disasters in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica the has been lots of storms resonantly but the main disasters are earthquakes and volcaneos

How many coasts does Costa Rica have?

there are many myhts about how many coasts Costa Rica has, but it has been proven by scientists that there is precisely 6 coasts.

How has military power in Costa Rica been used?

there is no military

Are their any baseball players from Costa Rica?

According to Baseball Almanac, through the 2007 season there has never been an MLB player who was born in Costa Rica.

What are some Costa Rican food?

I have been doing some research on Costa Rica and I found out that people in Costa Rica use bananas, tortillas, and coffee in a lot of their foods. I hope this helped you!

In what sport will Costa Rica participates in the winter olympic games?

I know for sure there has been a skier ... cross country and a bi-athelete. Not much snow or ice (none) in Costa Rica.

Where is shark mountain?

The Shark Mountain is found in the Cocos Island which is part of Costa Rica. The Cocos Island has been designated as the World Heritage Site.

What Central American country has been a democracy ever since it's independence?

Costa Rica

Costa Rica and Panama share a forest that until today has not been explored.true of false?


How is the time detemined in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica tried Daylight Saving Time in 1979, 1980, 1991 and 1992, but aside from that they have been 6 hours behind GMT/UTC since 15 January 1921.

The most nicest country in the world?

Costa Rica has been voted the happiest country in the world. But France has been voted the overall best, people's opinion differ on how nice they think a country is,Factors include:BiodiversityEnvironmentHealthLeisureActivitiesFriendlinessFreedomGDPBeautyWealth

What is the fastest reptile in the world?

The world's fastest reptile (measured on land) may be the spiny-tailed iguana of Costa Rica. It has been clocked at over 21 miles per hour.

Is the tipuana tree found in Costa Rica?

The tipuana tipu is native to southern Bolivia, northern Argentina, southern Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. However, it grows well under many conditions and so may have been planted in Costa Rica.

Where does a Costa Rican citizen go to get a Costa Rica passport?

to the Direccion de Migracion in San Jose also there are pilot projects that allow certain national banks (Banco de Costa Rica for example) to handle the entire process. It used to be cumbersome but has been made noticeably easier recently.

What was the Costa Rica prize puzzle on Wheel of Fortune December 1 2011?


What is the most corrupt country in Central America?

Must be Costa Rica! I have been living here for 4 years and its unbelievable.

Does Costa Rica have a problem with the ms-13 gang?

as of now Costa Rica doesn't have much of a problem with MS-13 or any other organized gang. there are small factions that lack much structure and are relegated to petty crime and mainly fight amongst themselves. recently however there have been elements of MS-13 arrested in Costa Rica who were presumably here to start to try to organize and recruit.

Has Costa Rica been to a world cup?

Yes, in 1990. They finished second in their group, behind Brazil, and ahead of Scotland and Sweden. They were eliminated in the second round after losing 4-1 to Czechoslovakia.

What is the lifespan of the green eyed frog native of Costa Rica?

It is about o to 13 years including water diner in other words food or on the danger of the area sometimes the area is more dangerous and in costa rica it is highly dangerous so about i would say hmm hmm up to maybe 10 years in costa rica it is so warm there i have been and i have seen a load of them on the yellow sand of the shiny beach.

What is the most happiest country in the world?

The Happy Planet Index (HPI) is a ranking system of happiness per citizen in each country by the New Economics Foundation. Since 2009, Costa Rica has been ranked the happiest country in the world.

Costa Rica rancho monterey?

Rancho Monterey is located 20 minutes south of Jaco in Parritta, Costa Rica. The property is managed by Carlos Monge. There are currently a few homes and a condo complex built, and another condo/townhouse complex has been a work in progress for many years. Word is the builder is out of money so no real progress is being made. There are many plans for the development, but as with most things in Costa Rica you have to wait and see how it works out.