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Through 2013, Colorado State has made 10 appearances in the NCAA men's Basketball tournament.

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Q: How many times has Colorado St been in March Madness?
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How many times has Akron been in March Madness?

15 times

How many times has Kent State been in March Madness?

Kent State has been in March Madness five times with their last bid coming in 2008. Their best March Madness was in 2002 when they went to the Elite 8 and lost to Indiana, 81-69, in the South Region finals.

How many times has Xavier university been to the NCAA?

156 that's how many times they have been to march madness

How many times has University of Connecticut been in March Madness?

Through 2013, Connecticut has made 30 appearances in the NCAA men's basketball tournament, which is called "March Madness."

How many times have Notre Dame been in the March Madness tournamant?

Through 2013, NotreDame has participated 33 years in the NCAA men's basketball tournament known as "March Madness."

How many times have the Kansas Jayhawks been in the March Madness tournament out of all their years?

2013 marks the 42nd year that Kansas has participated in the NCAA men's basketball tournament known as "March Madness."

How many times has Michigan made it to the Final Four?

Twice - in 1959 and 2010.

How long has March Madness been on CBS?

Since 1982

How many times has Missouri university mens basketball team been to the final 4?

Thorugh March Madness 2008, the University of Missouri has never been to a men's final four.

How many times has the University of Illinois been in the NCAA March Madness tournament and how many times have they won?

The University of Illinois has been the the tournament 25 times - the first being in 1942 and the last of course this year. So far they have not won the Championship...four times they have gone to the Final Four (1949, 1951, 1952, and 1989) and their tournament record is 29 wins and 24 losses.

Did the University of Florida basketball team make it to the NCAA tournament?

The furthest Florida State has gone in March Madness was the championship game in 1972. They lost to UCLA, 81-76. Through the 2008 March Madness, this has been their only final four appearance.

What team has qualified for the March Madness tournament more then any other?

Through 2013, Kentucky has qualified for the NCAA men's basketball tournament known as "March Madness" a record 52 times. The next closest team is North Carolina with 44. And 2013 marks the tourney's 75th year, meaning that Kentucky-- en route to its eight titles (second most)-- has been in more than two thirds of the tournaments thus far.