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Through 2013, Baylor has been in the NCAA men's Basketball tournament seven times.

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Q: How many times has Baylor been in the NCAA tournament?
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How many times has Richmond been in the NCAA tournament?

Richmond has been in the NCAA Tournament 9 Times

How many ncaa tournament has KY been in?

Kentucky has been in the NCAA men's basketball tournament a record 52 times through 2013.

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How many times Norfolk State been to NCAA tournament?

Once. They went to the NCAA tournament for the first time in 2012 as a #15 seed.

How many times has Wagner University been to the NCAA Tournament?


How many times has University of Louisville been in the final four of the NCAA tournament?

about 6 times

How many times have Duke been to the NCAA tournament?

duke has won 85 times i have been to everyone of them and i am only 2

What was the year of the most recent win for Wisconsin in ncaa?

That depends on what you mean by NCAA. The Wisconsin Badgers have been to the NCAA Tournament 18 times. Their most recent appearance was in the Sweet Sixteen in 2012. The Badgers have not won the NCAA Tournament since 1941.

How many times have the jayhawks made the ncaa tournament?

Through 2013, the Kansas Jayhawkshave been to the NCAA men's basketball tournament42 times, fourth most of all schools.

How many times has the univ of Lou been in the NCAA tournament?

Louisville's 2013 appearance marks its 39th time in the tournament, which is the 5th most appearances.

How long has the mens ncaa tournament been going?

How many mens ncaa tournaments have there been

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