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Kentucky has been in the NCAA men's Basketball tournament a record 52 times through 2013.

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Q: How many ncaa tournament has KY been in?
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What is geographic center of NCAA B-Ball tournament?

Carrollton, KY is actually the geographic center of of the Sweet 16 teams in the NCAA tournament.

What school has the longest current winning streak in NCAA basketball tournament?

There is no winning streak in the tournament as Ky the 2012 champion did not make the tournament this year.

Who are the top ten teams in NCAA Men's Basketball tournament victories?

Ucla, KY, nc, duke, Kansas, Syracuse, Indiana, Michigan state, Georgetown, Connecticut

How many teams have won a NIT and NCAA basketball championship?

Ky unc ucla Kansas

What NCAA basketball team has won 30 or more games in a single seasons?

Kentucky Wildcats with 11 season with 30 wins or more. The record was set on 3-21-2003 when KY beat IUPUI (95-64) in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament in Nashville,Tn.

Who won more NCAA championships out of Louisville and Ky basketball team?

kentucky did

It is the home court for the NCAA men's basketball champion?

(Rupp Arena) Lexington, Ky

Where is the 2012 NCAA volleyball final four?

KFC Yum! Center, Louisville, KY

what college basketball has won more NCAA titles?

UCLA with 11 titles. University Of Ky is second with 8.

Who has a winning record over KU in NCAA Basketball?

University of Ky's record is 19-6 versus Kansas.

How many sec championship wins does KY mens basketball have?

Through 2013, Kentucky has been the Southeastern Conference (SEC) regular-seasonmen's basketball champion 46 of the 80 seasons since the conference was established in 1932. It has won the conference tournament championship 27 of the 54 seasons the SEC has held a tournament. (The SEC basketball tournament was held 1933-1952 and 1979-present.) It should be noted that all but sevenof Kentucky's tournament championships were won for the same season the school had already earned the regular-seasontitle.

How many miles is it from Frankfort KY to Mt Sterling KY?

Distance between MT.Sterling KY to Frankfort ky

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