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That depends on how fast the player is dribbling the ball. There is not an exact number on how many times a player dribbles the ball.

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Q: How many times does a basketball player dribble the ball in a minute?
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What is the difference between handball and basketball?

you can only dribble 3 times in european hand ball and in Basketball you can have unlimited dribbling :)

What is the difference between basketball and handball?

you can only dribble 3 times in european hand ball and in basketball you can have unlimited dribbling :)

What is the best rhythm for a foul shot?

1. Spin basketball in hands. 2. Dribble basketball 3 times. 3. Concentrate at target. 4. Spin basketball in hands. 5. Shoot

Who is an ancient basketball player?

Basketball wasn't played in ancient times.

How many times does your heart beat per minute during sports?

About 130 beats/minute for sports like basketball

What improvements been made to women's basketball?

The improvements would be the rules and clothing such as wearing long skirts and dresses and you were only supposed to dribble 3 times.

How does basketball help your hand eye coordination?

it helps because when you dribble down the court you should be looking up and by looking up you have to know where the ball is at all times.

JJ Evans was a basketball player on Good Times?


Who is the best basketball player of all times?

Michael Jordan

What is Air Dribbling?

Years ago, probably when basketball first started as a sport air dribbling was allowed. One could bounce the ball upward from the palm of the hand much like the ball is dribbled today with the palm down. Today, it would probably be called "steps". I would like to know when and if air dribbling was removed from basketball. Some fifty years ago I was a basketball referee for high school games and I do remember the rulebook's reference to "air dribble". I don't remember the rule word-for-word now, but it was essentially as follows: "The player in possession of the ball may flip or toss the ball into the air and then bat the ball in the desired direction. The player may then run ahead, or past the defender to retrieve the ball. When the player catches up to the batted ball he may then resume dribbling the ball in the normal way. If he catches the ball with both hands, his dribble is completed and he must either shoot the ball or pass it. Only one air dribble per possession is allowed and the air dribble must take place at the beginning of the player's possession. (In other words, you could not dribble the ball three times and then bat the ball in the performance of an air dribble.) I never saw anyone try this procedure and I cannot find any reference to it in my copy of NCAA Rules of Basketball.

Who is the most renowned basketball player of all times?

Michael Jordan

How many times does the average basketball player dunk in the NBA?


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