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Q: How many times do you have to go around the track for 800?
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How many times is 800 meters around a standard track?


How many times around a high school track is 800 meters?


Is 800 meters two times around a 400 meter track?

Yes, of course.

How many laps is an 800 yard run?

800=2 laps around a regular sized track

How many laps around a track is 800 meters?

just under 3 laps

how many times does 800 go into 640,000?

It goes in 800 times.

How many yards is in 800 meters on a track?

800 meters = 874.9 yards

How many laps is the 800 on the track?


A runner races 800 around a circular track what distance does he cover?

800 meters, or about .5 miles.

Half a mile?

800 meters... 2 laps around a track.

What is the 800 meter race?

Two laps around an outdoor track.

what is the 800# to track a package?

what is the 800# to track a package that has been shipped

How many laps for 800 meter race on a track?

2 laps on a 400m track.

how many times does 2 go into 800?

To find how many times 2 goes into 800, you would divide 800 by 2 to get 400.

How far is 800 meters around a track?

Two laps, or .5 miles.

How many laps are there in the 800 meters?

A standard running track has 400 m in one lap. The 800 m race is therefore 2 laps of the track.

How many rounds in the 800 meter sprint?

It depends on the track length.

How long is an 800 meter race?

if you are running on a regular highschool track which is about 400meters then (if you do the math) 2 laps around the track is an 800m race

How many times greater is 8000 compared to 800?

8000 is ten times greater than 800.

How many times does 800 go into 72000?


How many times can 800 go into 48000?

The idea is to divide 48000 / 800.

How many times does 26 go into 800?

800/26 = 30.77 approx.

How many times does 25 go into 800?

800 divided by 25= 32.

How many times does twelve go into 800?

66.6667 times.

What is the amount of displacement of a runner who runs exactly 2 laps around of a 400 meter track?

its 800