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Q: How many times did undertaker beat the rock?
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How many time did the undertaker beat the rock?

2 times

How many times has The Rock beat The Undertaker at house show events?

none times

How many times did the rock beat the undertaker?

Only once and that also by DQ!

How many times did the rock beat the Triple H?

It's three times he has beating The Game but I can't see knowing beating The Undertaker at Wrestlemaina :) lol.

Can undertaker beat the rock?


Did the undertaker ever beat the rock?

i am pretty sure he has

When did the undertaker beat the rock?

when john cena was champion

How many times rock and undertaker played head to head?

no comment you jabroni

Who can beat the undertaker at WrestleMania?

the rock is certainly, the only one capable, of ending the undertaker's undefeated streak at wrestlemania.

Has there been a black wrestler who beat The Undertaker?

The Rock and Booker T have.

How many times did the rock beat cena?


How many times has stone cold beat the rock?

Stone Cold beat the Rock 3 times Stone cold beat the rock 4 times out of a 5 match history stone cold beat the rock at wrestlemania and backlash 1999 also wrestlemania 2001 and rebelion 2001. The rock only managed to beat Austin 1 on 1 wrestlemania 19

How many times rock beat the stone cold?


Is undertaker better or the rock?

ROCK!!!!!undertaker is kk but that rock owns him. NO, the undertaker is way better.

Did stone Cold beat the rock?

yup he does. i think stone cold beat the rock 4 times and the rock 1 time

Who is stronger the rock or undertaker?

If you are talking about the 1990s then it is the undertaker, but if your talking about now then it is the rock.

Who did The Rock beat to win his first WWE Title?

During the 1998 survivor series The Rock won his first WWE title. He won it at the end of the deadly games tournament which was a knock out style tournament in which the Rock beat the big boss man in the first round. The rock beat ken shamrock in the quarterfinals and he beat the undertaker in the semi finals via disqualification. The finals was between the Rock and Mankind (Mic Foley). The Rock beat mic foley and became the WWE champion.

How many times did the bears beat the packers last season?

none packers rock bears suck

How many times did the rock and sock win the tag team titles?

The Rock 'n' Sock Connection won the WWF Tag Team Championship on three (3) occasions. They beat Undertaker and Big Show 30/08/1999, lost to Undertaker and Big Show 07/09/1999. They then beat Big Show, Viscera and Mideon 20/09/1999, lost to New Age Outlaws 23/09/1999. Finally they beat the New Age Outlaws 14/10/1999, lost to Hardcore and Crash Holly 18/10/1999.

Who would win in a fight Undertaker or the Rock?

the rock

Is Undertaker and The Rock Friends?


Who is your friend in the WWE?

the rock triple h shawn michals ray mysterio batista the undertaker and many, many more

How many Rock Bottoms did it take The Rock to beat Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18?

It took him 2 Rock Bottoms.

How do you get the rock unlock on w12?

oh you wana get the rock thats simpel just be mr micman beat riky seambot 5 times

I am huge undertaker fan and i want to say this directly to him you totally rock?

I do to he is the most total BEST! I <3 UNDERTAKER