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LIKE 109

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Q: How many times did the undertaker lost in WWE matches?
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How many matches has the undertaker lost his whole career?


How many matches has Undertaker lost?

11 i think but thats a smal number and he has not lost them all cleanly

How many matches has the undertaker lost?

yes he won some and lost some times but not in wrestlemania NEVER LOST . search on facebook Emad re verse he is an expert and he knows everything about undertaker ,and he met him before LA in america and now he is in malaysia.

How many matches did undertaker win?

UNDERTAKER is dead man .

How many matches has the undertaker had?


How many matches did Chelsea lost?

This season 10 times.

How many matches has Undertaker play?


Has undertaker never lost a match?

undertaker has lost many times for eg.he lost against Shawn michaels 5 times against CM Punk 1 time in Royal Rumble and many more times.So it is incorrect to say that undertaker has never lost. But at wrestle mania he's undefeated.

How many matches has Undertaker won?

Undertaker won more then 500. I count them

How many wrestlemania matches has undertaker won?


How many matches undertaker disputed?

25 28

How many t20 matches are played won and lost by India?

2 times

How many matches has the undertaker won?

19 and 0 in wrestlemania

How many matches undertaker win to WrestleMania?

as of 2011, 19

How many matches has rey mysterio failed?

If I am understanding your question properly, he has had way too many matches to determine how many times he actually lost.

How many casket matches has the undertaker been in?

Altogether, there have been 19 casket matches in WWE history. The Undertaker has featured in all but 3, losing 5 of them.

How many matches have undertaker been defeated?

0! He's undefeated

How many inferno matches have their been?

undertaker vs HHH undertaker vs Kane Kane vs mvp

How many times has the undertaker died?

seven times did undertaker has been die

How many times did edge defeated the undertaker?

he has beaten undertaker 5 times

How many matches undertaker won over Kane?

At least 20+ i think.

How many matches has Randy Orton lost and won?

randy orton has lost 52 matches and won 519 matches he has been in 572 matches ...amooolh...

How many Hell in a Cell matches have there been?

24 hell in cell matches undertaker and triple h have been in 19 of them

Is The UnderTaker any good at wrestling?

Yes, he has won many matches and has held many belts.

How many matches undertaker lose in history?

no,he is special lee 19-0. For wrestlemania