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Q: How many times did the rangers win a game?
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Who did the Texas Rangers play in their last home game in September?

The Texas Rangers did in fact win. :)

How many times did the NY Rangers win and lose?

NY Rangers has up until the 2011-12 playoffs won the Stanley Cup on four occations, the last time being 1994.

How do you win power rangers samurai clubhouse?

i never played this game but it sounds cool

Did the rangers ever win against the new york yankee's?

yes, several times

How many games did the Texas Rangers win in 2010?

In 2010, the Texas Rangers had a 90-72 record.

How many games did the Texas Rangers win in 2011?

In 2011, the Texas Rangers had a 96-66 record.

How many hits did the Texas Rangers have in their 30-3 win over Baltimore Orioles?

The Rangers got 29 hits in that game. They also got 8 base runners by base on balls and one by error.

Which team ended the Texas rangers 11 game win streak in 2010?

LA Dodgers

Who would win delta or rangers?

rangers... they have awesome outfits lol seriously rangers are awesome theyd win...

Can Rangers win the league?

No Rangers will not win the Scotish title as Celtic are ahead of them.

If the odds in favor of Rangers winning the game are 7 to 5 what is the probability that they will win?

The probability is 0.416667 or 41.67%

Has Celtic beaten rangers more times?

no rangers have beaten Celtic more times but not by a lot, although Celtic won the European cup when it was easy to win less matches against poor teams.