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The Lakers went to the NBA Finals seven times in the 1980's.

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Q: How many times did the lakers reach the finals in the eighties?
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How many times have the Lakers and Celtics met in the NBA finals?

the lakers and celtics met in the NBA finals eleven times.

How many times lakers won nba finals?

5 times with Minneapolis Lakers and 9 times with the Los Angeles Lakers.

How many times did the lakers appear in the finals?

The Lakers have lost 15 NBA Finals. They made it to a total of 31 NBA Finals, and won 16 of them.

How many times have the lakers been to the finals?


How many times have the Lakers and Boston made it to the finals?

the lakers have been there 30 times and the celtics have been there 38 times

How many times did the lakers win the nba finals?

15 times

How many times has the lakers lost in the NBA finals?

12 times

How many times have the lakers won against the Celtics in the nba finals?

I'm pretty sure it twice. The lakers are 2-8 verse the celtics in the finals.

What NBA franchise has been in the most championship finals since 1947?

Lakers 28 times in the finals

How many times that Los Angeles Lakers played in the finals?


How manys nba finals have the la lakers won?

LA Lakers won the championship 9 times since 1972.

How many times have the los angulas lakers win the NBA finals?

The Lakers franchise has won 16 world championships.