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The Cowboys and the Bears have played 22 times, including regular-season and playoff games. Dallas is 13 and 9 against Chicago.

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Q: How many times did the cowboys play the bears?
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How many times have the cowboys made the play offs?

The Cowboys have made the playoffs a total of 30 times from 1966 to 2009.

When do the Chicago Bears play the Dallas Cowboys again?

The 2012 Season.

What team does the Dallas cowboys play on Sep.19 2010?

The Chicago Bears.

How many times did the Chicago Bears play in Pittsburgh?

Through the 2012 season, the Chicago Bears played in Pittsburgh 13 times.

How many times did the Packers play the cowboys on Thanksgiving day and what were the years?

As of the 2008 season, the Cowboys and Packers have played on Thanksgiving Day 2 times: 1970 - Cowboys 16, Packers 3 1994 - Cowboys 42, Packers 31

How many times did the Dallas Cowboys play on monday night football in the 1990's?


How many times has the Dallas Cowboys play the Oakland Raiders on Thanksgiving day?

Once. On November 26, 2009, the Cowboys defeated the Raiders at Cowboys Stadium, 24-7.

How many times have the cowboys and steelers met in the superbowl?

The Cowboys and the Steelers have met three times in the Super Bowl X, Super Bowl XIII & Super Bowl XXX. The Steelers are 2-1 vs the Cowboys in Super Bowl play.

Did Doug Flutie ever play for the Dallas Cowboys?

No, he did not. Doug Flutie played for the Bears, Patriots, Bills and Chargers.

What years were the Dallas Cowboys in the play offs?

Since 1966, the Dallas Cowboys have appeared in the playoffs 30 times.

Did Bruce Huther Play for the Dallas Cowboys?

Bruce Huther was a linebacker/special teams player for the Cowboys from 1977-1980 and 1983. He played for the Browns in 1981 and the Bears in 1982.

Did Deion Sanders ever play for the Bears?

Football: Falcons, 49ers, Cowboys, and Redskins Baseball: Yankees, Braves, and Reds

What position did mike ditka play?

Mike Ditka was a tight end for the Bears, Eagles, and Cowboys between 1961-1972.

Did the cowboys ever score three touchdowns in last two min Of play?

No, but during the Roger Staubach era of the 1970s, the Cowboys performed last-minute magic many times.

How many felons play football for dallas cowboys?


How many games did drew bledsoe play for cowboys?


If Cowboys and Cardinals play for championship where would they play?

They would play at the Cowboys' homefield.

How many times did the cowboys play on thanksgiving day?

Did they even play yet? I'm pretty sure they didn't even play yet. All I know is that they're playing the Redskins today.

What states do the following football teams play their home games in Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins Baltimore Ravenschicago bears Philadelphia Eagles?

Dallas Cowboys = Texas. Miami Dolphins = Florida. Baltimore Ravens = Maryland. Chicago Bears = Illinois. Philadelphia Eagles = Pennsylvania.

What teams did mike ditka play for?

1961-1966: Chicago Bears 1967-1968: Philadelphia Eagles 1969-1972: Dallas Cowboys

What year did the Dallas Cowboys begin play?

The Cowboys began play in 1960.

How many Super Bowls did the bears play in?


What sport do The Bears play?

The Bears as in the Bears from IL play American Football.

What is the stadium that the Dallas Cowboys play on?

Cowboys Stadium.

How many times did the dallas cowboys play the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving day?

The two teams have never played on Thanksgiving because they traditionally host games on the holiday. In 2010, the Cowboys defeated the Lions at Cowboys Stadium, 35-19, on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.