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Q: How many times did the canucks finish last in their division?
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When was the last time the Detroit Lions didn't finish last in their Division?

2007, finished 7-9 in a tie with Chicago Bears, but the Lions had the better division record to finish 3rd in the division.

Are the canucks a good team?

I Think They Are Good Although They Never Won A Stanley Cup. Also The Past Couple Of Years The Canucks Are Always 1st Or Last in Their Division. (Mostly 1st)

Who was the last defenseman to be captain on vancouver canucks?

Henrik Sedin was the last defenseman to be the captain on the Vancouver Canucks.

Have the Vancouver canucks ever played in the final round playoffs?

3 times last year was the most recent

Did the Vancouver canucks ever finish in last place in the nhl?

No they mostly end up getting 8th or 10th but 2 years ago they got 3rd!

When did the Canucks last miss the playoffs?


In what year did the Canucks most recently go to the Stanley Cup Finals?

The Canucks last made the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994 2011

What date did the bruins last won the Stanley cup?

1971 - 1972 ? Go Canucks! Oh yeah, and you know Canucks are gonna win.

Who was the last member of the Vancouver Canucks not to wear a helmet?

Harold Snepts

When did the Canucks last win the Stanley Cup?

The Canucks has joined the NHL for 42 years but they haven't won a Stanley cup yet. There is a club which has the same hometown with the Canucks is the Millionaires, this club won a Stanley cup in 1915.

What Canadian team last payed in the Stanley cup finals?

the Vancouver Canucks

When was the last time a Canadian team was in the Stanley cup finals?

2011: Vancouver Canucks

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