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Through the 2012 season, the Cowboys lead the all-time series seven to four.

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Q: How many times did the Patriots win over the Cowboys?
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Have the New England Patriots ever beat the Dallas Cowboys at home?

Three times. On October 11, 2011, New England defeated Dallas at Foxboro by the score of 20-16. Earlier, on November 16, 2003, the Patriots beat the Cowboys at Foxboro, 12-0, and on December 5, 1999 the Patriots won over the Cowboys in Foxboro, 13-6.

How many times did Eli Manning win the Super Bowl?

Eli Manning has two Superbowl wins; 2008 over the New England Patriots and 2012 over the New England Patriots.

Are the Dallas Cowboys better than the New England Patriots?

As of 2009 arguably not, though the Cowboys won a playoff game in 2009. The Cowboys over the last ten years have struggled to build a competitive team while the Patriots spent that same period winning three Superbowls, a fourth AFC Championship, and 14 playoff games.

In colonial times ths word patriots referred to people who did what?

In colonial times, the word "patriots" referred to those who opposed British rule over the colonies.

How many times have the Dallas Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals played each other?

Through the 2016 regular season, hey have played 12 times with the Cowboys holding an 8 to 4 edge all-time over the Bengals.

How many times have the Eagles won over the Cowboys?

Through the 2017 season, the Cowboys lead the all-time series, 66-52. The total includes regular-season and postseason games.

How many wins do the Patriots have over the Chargers?

The Patriots have 20 regular season wins and two playoff wins over the Chargers.

How many points were the rams favored over the patriots in super bowl xxxvi?

The Rams were favored by 14 points over the Patriots.

How many times did the cowboys win against the steelers in the 90's?

The Cowboys were 4-and-0 against the Steelers in the 1990s, including a 27-17 victory over Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XXX.

How many times have the lions beat the cowboys?

As of October 2, 2011, the Dallas Cowboys lead the all-time series over the Detroit Lions, 13 to 11. The total includes regular-season and postseason contests.

How many times did the Saints win over Cowboys in the last 43 years?

The Saints have won nine games against the Dallas Cowboys in 24 meetings. The Cowboys are 15-9 overall in this Series, with a Home Record of 9-3 and an Away Record of 6-6

How many times has the San Diego Chargers beat New England Patriots?

The Chargers have 14 wins over the Patriots in the regular season - most recently in 2008 - and one playoff win - the 1963 AFL Championship Game.

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