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In 2011 the Tigers were 4-4 against the Yankees.

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Q: How many times did the Detroit Tigers defeat the New York Yankees?
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How many times did the Detroit Tigers defeat the New York Yankees in 2012?

During the 2012 regular season, the Detroit Tigers had a 6-4 record versus the Yankees.

How many times did the Detroit Tigers move?


How many times have the Detroit Tigers moved cities?


List the years that St. Louis won the World Series along with each of their opponents?

St. Louis has won the World Series 10 times: 1926 - New York Yankees 1931 - Philadelphia Athletics 1934 - Detroit Tigers 1942 - New York Yankees 1944 - St. Louis Browns 1946 - Boston Red Sox 1964 - New York Yankees 1967 - Boston Red Sox 1982 - Milwaukee Brewers 2006 - Detroit Tigers

How many times did the Tigers go to the World Series?

The Detroit Tigers have gone to the World Series (won the pennant) 10 times.

How many World Series do the Detroit Tigers have?

The Detroit Tigers have been to the World Series 10 times, winning 4 and losing 6.

How many times have the St. Louis Cardinals played the Detroit Tigers in the World Series?

3 times

How many times were the New York Yankees shutout in 2010?

The Yankees were shutout nine times in 2010.May 12th - Detroit Tigers 2-0May 13th - Detroit Tigers 6-0June 18th - New York Mets 4-0June 30th - Seattle Mariners 7-0August 1st - Tampa Bay Rays 3-0August 15th - Kansas City Royals 1-0August 20th - Seattle Mariners 6-0September 13th - Tampa Bay Rays 1-0October 18th - Texas Rangers 8-0

What years did the Padres win the World Series?

The San Diego Padres have yet to win a World Series title in two World Series appearances.

Who has won the World Series six times?

With last year's victory over the Detroit Tigers, the St. Louis Cardinals record in the World Series is now 10 wins and 7 losses.

What Detroit Tigers have hit Back to back home runs three times in one season?

trammell and whitaker

What year did the Detroit Tigers win over a hundred games?

The Detroit Tigers won over 100 games four times.1984 - (104)1968 - (103)1961 - (101)1934 - (101)In 1915, the Tigers won exactly 100 games.