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Willie Mays struckout 1,526 times in 10,881 career at bats.

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Q: How many times did Willie Mays strike out?
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How many times did Willie Mays strike out 3 times in a game?

Dennis Bennett was the first to do it

How many children does Willie Mays have?

Willie Mays's birth name is Mays, Willie Howard.

Did Willie Mays and Willie McCovey play in the same year?

Willie Mays and Willie McCovey played for many years together.. from 1959 until 1972 when Mays was traded to the New York Mets.

How many times has Willie Mays won the World Series?

Willie Mays' only World Series win was with the 1954 New York Giants.

How many home run did Wille Mays get in his career?

Willie Mays go 660 Home runs

How many times did Willie Mays strikeout in the World Series?

Willie Mays played in four World Series: 1) 1951 - 22 at bats, 2 strikeouts 2) 1954 - 14 at bats, 1 strikeout 3) 1955 - 28 at bats, 5 strikeouts 4) 1973 - 7 at bats, 1 strikeout Willie Mays struckout 9 times in 71 World Series at bats.

How many National League batting championships did Willie Mays win?

Willie Mays won the NL batting title once, that being in 1954 when he hit .345.

Why is willie mays such a legend?

Willie Mays was probably the best all around player ever to play the game. He hit for average, power, and was an excellent base runner. He was a Gold Glove winner many times over on defense. He also had an infectious enthusiasm and love of the game.

How many home runs did Willie Mays hit in his first season?

In 1951, Mays hit 20 home runs.

How many errors did Willie Mays make in his career?

He was "credited" with 156 fielding errors in his career.

What is a fact about Willie Mays?

Mays, who celebrated his 86th birthday on May 6, 2017, is considered by many to be the greatest living major-league baseball player.

Was Willie Mays in the hall of fame?

He was on the winning side many times. But in 1968 at the Houston Astrodome, Willie Mays pretty much won the All-Star Game for the National League all by himself. Mays led off the game in the first inning and singled off pitcher Luis Tiant. An errant pickoff throw by Tiant allowed Mays to reach second. Then a wild pitch sent Mays to third. He scored when Willie McCovey grounded into a double play. That was the only run of the game. The National League won 1-0 and Mays was named the game's Most Valuable Player.