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He's been a professional Title holder 5 times.

He won his first title, the W.B.C. Heavyweight Title -

beating Trevor Berbick by T.K.O.-Noveber 22, 1986.

Then beating James "Bone Hugger" Smith for the W.B.A. Title -

by Decision (unanimous)on March 7,1987.

Then beating Tony Tucker for the I.B.F. Title -by Decision (unanimous)

on August 1 ,1987 - Becoming Undisputed Heavyweight champion.......

held it until losing one of the biggest

upsets of all time to James "Buster" Douglas by K.O. on February 11,1990.

Then beating Franco Bruno -by T.K.O.

for the W.B.C. Title on March 16,1996 and becoming W.B.C.Champion oncne again.

Regaining the W.B.A. Title by beating

Bruce Seldon by T.K.O. on September 7,1996.

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Tyson's pro record stands 50 wins(44 by ko),-6 losses(5 by ko), -0 draws and 2 no contests.

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Q: How many times did Mike Tyson win the heavyweight championship?
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Is Mike Tyson part of Tyson food Inc?

If referring to the Heavyweight Champion of the world Mike Tyson, then, no he is not.

Who was the youngest heavyweight world boxing champion?

Mike Tyson hold the record for the youngest heavyweight champion of the world at 20 years, 4 months and 22 days old

Who is the youngest ever winner of the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship?

Mike Tyson was the youngest man to ever win a heavyweight boxing title but Floyd Patterson is the youngest ever undisputed world champion, though Patterson never fought in the multi commission ruled era of the WBC, WBA, & IBF.

Who was the youngest champion in heavyweight boxing?

mike Tyson aged 20.

Who is the youngest heavyweight champ boxer of all time?

Mike Tyson

Longest reign as heavyweight champ?

i believe rocky marchino or mike Tyson

Who did Mike Tyson knockout to become the youngest heavyweight champ?

Trevor Berbick

Who was the hardest hitting heavyweight boxer in the late 80's?

Tyson, but arguments could be made for Riddick Bowe too (he turned pro in 1989, as did lewis).

Who amongst the following is the youngest man to win world heavyweight crown?

Mike tyson

Who trained two of the youngest heavyweight champions?

that will be the trainer of mike Tyson and Floyd Patterson

Who is the youngest current world boxing champion?

It is Mike Tyson when he was fighting with Trevor Berbick He became the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Who is the most popular sportperson?

Mike Tyson. not the greatest heavyweight, but his name recognition goes worldwide.