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Q: How many times did Joe DiMaggio strike out in his career?
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How many strikeouts did Joe DiMaggio have in 1936?

Joe DiMaggio struck out 369 times in his 13 year career.

How many Most Valuable Player awards did Joe DiMaggio win?

Joe DiMaggio was the A.L. Most Valuable Player three times during his career. He won the award in 1939, 1941 and 1947.

How many times did Mickey Mantle strike out 4 times in a game?

Not during his MLB career.

How many home runs did the yankees get with Joe DiMaggio?

Joe DiMaggio hit 361 home runs during his 13 year career, all with the New York Yankees.

How many times did Willie Mays strike out?

Willie Mays struckout 1,526 times in 10,881 career at bats.

How many times in his career did Sandy Koufax strike out 10 or more batters in a single game?

97 times, as best as I can tell.

How many times was Joe DiMaggio Ejected?


How many strike outs did Henry aaron have in his career?

According to Baseball Reference, Aaron struckout 1383 times in the regular season and 13 times in the postseason.

How many times did ken griffey jr strike out?

Ken Griffey Jr. has 1,762 career strikeouts in 9,703 at bats.

How many times did Joe DiMaggio strike out during the hitting streak?

Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak was between May 15, 1941 and July 16, 1941. For those 56 games, DiMaggio had 91 hits in 223 at bats for a .408 batting average with 15 home runs and 55 RBIs.

How many strikeouts did Joltin Joe DiMaggio have in 1936?

"Joltin'" Joe DiMaggio struck out a whopping 39 times his first year with the MLB.

How many people did Nolan Ryan strike out in his career?