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Jackie Robinson played in six World Series with the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers won the Series in 1955 and lost the other five. 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1956

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Q: How many times did Jackie Robinson play in the World Series?
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How many times did Jackie Robinson go to bat?

Jackie Robinson had 4877 at bats in 10 major league seasons.Jackie Robinson had 4,877 official at bats in the regular season and 137 official at bats in the World Series.

Why did they call the Jackie Robinson bridge the Jackie Robinson bridge?

I presume you're referring to the Jackie Robinson Parkway, a thoroughfare going into the borough of Brooklyn. Robinson was a major player on the Brooklyn Dodgers, including MVP in 1949. During his ten seasons with that team, the Dodgers won the NL pennant six times, and also won their only World Series title.

Which famous Yankee figure was Robinson cano named after?

Actually, Cano was named after Brooklyn Dodgers great Jackie Robinson, whose only connection to the Yankees was playing them six times in the World Series.

Who many times was Jackie Robinson married?

Jackie robinson got married 1 time only

How old was Jackie Robinson when he helped his team on the world series?

Born on January 1, 1919, Jackie Robinson was 36-years-old when he helped his team, the Brooklyn Dodgers, win the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series. In the 6-game 1955 World Series, between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankess, Jackie Robinson had 22 At-Bats (AB) with 4 hits (H)(including 1 Double and 1 Triple), 2 Base on Balls (BB) and 1 Strikeout (K or SO), giving him an overall batting average (AVG.) for the Series of .182. Additionally, he scored 5 times and had 1 Run Batted In (RBI). Although Jackie Robinson appeared in the MLB World Series with the Brooklyn Dodgers 6 times, he and the team were only victorious in 1955.

How many walks did Jackie Robinson get in his first five years?

Jackie Robinson walked 376 times in his first 5 seasons from 1947-1951.

How many times did Jackie Robinson attempt to steal home plate?


How many times did Jackie Robinson steal home?

surprisingly he stole home 19 times!!!

How many times did Jackie Robinson steal home in his career?

19 times

Was Jackie Robinson called racial names when he played for the Dodgers?

Unfortunately, yes. He was met with much hatred when he first started playing with the Dodgers and also when he played his one minor league season in Montreal before coming up to the Dodgers. Jackie Robinson's makeup was one of the main reason's Branch Rickey selected him to be the player to break the color barrier. Robinson was very strong emotionally and agreed not to fight back against the hatred. The hatred shown Robinson during his first year with the Dodgers made them a very strong and bonded team. In the 31 seasons prior to Robinson, Brooklyn had made the World Series three times. In the 10 seasons that Robinson played in Brooklyn, they made the World Series five times.

How many hits did Jackie Robinson hit?

Jackie Robinson hit 1518 hits from 1947 to 1956, all in the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was at bat 4877 times, playing in 1382 games.

How many times did frank Robinson play in a winning world series team?

2 ... for the Baltimore Orioles in 1966 and 1970.

How many bases did Jackie Robinson steal?

In his 10 year MLB career, Jackie Robinson stole 197 bases with a season's high of 37 in 1949.

How many times did Jackie Robinson get caught stealing?

30 times, this is unofficial however due to poor stat keeping

How many times have the world series?

The World Series have many times.

Did Jackie Robinson have family?

Jackie Robinson grew up near Los Angeles in Pasadena, California. His father had left Jackie and his four siblings with their mother, who successfully raised the family on a measly income. Times were hard for the family, and Jackie learned to make his own way in life at an early age.

Who has won the World Series six times?

The Dodgers have won the world series six times.

How many times have the athletics been to the World Series?

They have been to the world series 11 times .

Who led the Negro League in home runs a total of six times between 1921 and 1933?

Jackie Robinson

How many times have the pirates been in the World Series?

The Pittsburgh Pirates have appeared in the World Series 7 times, winning 5 times.

How many time has Jackie Robinson been hit by a pitch?

He got HBP 72 times in his 10 year career

When did the pirates play in the World Series?

The Pittsburgh Pirates have appeared in the World Series 7 times, winning 5 times.

How many World Series have the a's won?

nine times they won the world series.

How many times did the Tigers go to the World Series?

The Detroit Tigers have gone to the World Series (won the pennant) 10 times.

How many times were the New York Yankees in the World Series?

The Yankees appeared in 40 World Series and won 27 times.